Summer Music, Best Phone Apps, and Fun Room Decorations! – The Rundown Episode 43

food on your phone IT’S SUMMER! And that means beach dresses, sun tanning, and NO SCHOOL! Lilly even made a fantastic summer music playlist including her favorite artists like Greyson Chance! Sarah on the other hand, is addicted to phone apps, like Words With Friends, Cut the Rope, and Tiny Tower. The girls also show you some awesome decorations for your room, like icecream cone and gummi bear lamps! We wanna know what’s on your summer playlist, what apps do you love to play, and also if you have some room decoration ideas! Let us know in the comments below! And don’t forget to tell Lilly and Sarah all about it on!


Rundown 43:
Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Room

L: Hey Sarah!
S: Hey Lillz!
L: I bet everyone is wondering why we’re wearing sunglasses…
S: Because we talked about them in the last rundown?  
L: Oh, no. It’s because it’s finally…
Together: SUMMER!
S: Well, not officially, but y’know…it’s warm out. ..So, today’s show is about Spending time outside, going swimming, wearing sundresses… it’s the way life should be! Oh, and fun apps and some ideas for decorating your room!
L: Okay, back to summer. I made a summer playlist! Wanna know what’s on it?
S: Of course! Tell our viewers what Lilly is rocking out to right now!
L: Here’s my playlist: (visual of an ipod scrolling through the playlist while Lilly rattles off some of the songs) It’s got Stranded, Walkin on Sunshine, Island in the Sun, Love Story, Surfin USA, Party in the USA,…and more!
S: That’s a pretty great playlist! I’m gonna have to get that on my iPod too! Oh, and that reminds me of our new segment called Apps I Can’t Stop Playing Even Though I Have Homework To Do Because They Are Too Good!
L: Oooh yeah, I have noticed you’ve been playing a lot of apps lately!
S: I really like Words With Friends, cause you can play it with other people. It’s like Scrabble…of the future!
L: I can’t believe you like that game even though I keep beating you at it! *evil laugh* I like Angry Birds. Classic! I still don’t get why they’re so angry though!
S: I also really like Tiny Tower. You build up this tower of little citizens floor by floor and you can dress them in funny costumes. And you can name all the shops and stuff. Mine are all named after places in NYC!
L: Oooh good one! How about Cut the Rope? Om Nom is so cute, I even have a plushie of him in our dorm!
S: He is really cute, and he likes candy almost as much as you do!
L: Soooo, speaking of our room, I wanted to mention some fun ways to make your room really fun. There’s a lot of kids out there who aren’t allowed to paint their walls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun room. Take this Ice Cream Cone lamp, for example. It’s delicious and awesome!
S: They also make other cool food lamps, like these gummy bears, and also cupcakes!
L: Another thing I really like is this record clock. I love music, so it’s an easy way to show off my personality in my room.
S: Another awesome idea is wall decals. They have pretty designs, text, and even characters!
L: Well, that’s our show for today! We’re off to enjoy the summer sun!
S: Don’t forget to blog on Dream Mining about your favorite summer songs, apps, and awesome decorations you have in your room!
L: And check my blog to see the full Summer Playlist that I made!
Together: BYE GUYS!

Dream Mining is a place to create, to dream and to play! At Dream Mining it’s all about fashion, music, and film especially when YOU design, sing and make videos! There are great animated videos and real stars singing original songs! Characters play in the world of Fashion, Music and Film: Lilly, Sarah, and Ella.

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  1. MsMaslow611 says:

    omg THank you so …
    omg THank you so much! it was amazing! u guys r the best! cant wait for the next video! do u think u guys will ever do a longer video like 10-15 min? that would be awesome!

  2. dreammining says:

    WOOHOOO dreamminer! …
    WOOHOOO dreamminer! Yes the Summer is here! SO exciting :-)

  3. dreammining says:

    Hey Happy Birthday! …
    Hey Happy Birthday!!! Yay truly hope you birthday was nothing but fabulous dreamminer! :-)

  4. dreammining says:

    Sounds like the …
    Sounds like the perfect summer :-)!

  5. dreammining says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for watching!

  6. dreammining says:

    Peace is the way to …
    Peace is the way to go!

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    That’s so awesome …
    That’s so awesome 2 in 1 :-)! Rock on!

  8. ThrillerLawd says:


  9. ThrillerLawd says:

    I men my neme is …
    I men my neme is eoin

  10. BMS123able1 says:

    My favorite thing …
    My favorite thing to do during the summer is,swimming,hanging with friends,going to the beach,and going to lots of camps.

  11. BMS123able1 says:

    I like to have …
    I like to have posters and any thing peace in my room.

  12. electra54321 says:

    i……dk XD
    i……dk XD

  13. CosmicPinkBubbleGum says:

    An awesome thing in …
    An awesome thing in my dorm room is that I have the entire solar system (including Pluto)

  14. dreammining says:

    Hey there guys, we …
    Hey there guys, we wanna do some more fun awesome vlogs for all of you!! Tell us what you want us to talk about. And as always, thanks for the luv!

  15. MsMaslow611 says:

    Omg Sarah I love …
    Omg Sarah I love Words with Friends and Tiny Tower too!!!!! Do u think u and I can play words with friends sometime? Cool video. I have 4 more days left! And then te day after school ends is my bday! Wahoo! Can’t wait! Can u wish me a happy birthday next week? My bday is June 8th! Thanks! Love u guys

  16. dreammining says:

    Hahaha! The more …
    Hahaha! The more the merrier :-)

  17. dreammining says:

    What matters is …
    What matters is that your here dreamminer! Thanks so much for tuning in :-)

  18. dreammining says:

    Congrats Dreamminer …
    Congrats Dreamminer!

  19. dreammining says:

    Yay so awesome to …
    Yay so awesome to hear!

  20. electra54321 says:

    fav thing in my …
    fav thing in my room : my flat screen tv
    playlist with my fav summer songes in my chanel
    fav summer activity :POOL PARTY!!!!!!
    and i have like 13 pareds of sun glases and i only were 5 or 6 of them lol :)

  21. electra54321 says:

    <3 THIS SHOW AND …
    <3 THIS SHOW AND SUMMER TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. electra54321 says:

    awwww i was hoping …
    awwww i was hoping id be the first one :P lol

  23. threehundredquirks says:

    First Viewer! Whoo! …
    First Viewer! Whoo! So excited for summer! Thanks for the great ideas!

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