Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea

food on your phone When grocery chain Tesco wanted to expand their market share in South Korea, they came up with a brilliant idea.

Because the people in South Korea work long hours they thought of an efficient way to sell their products. The Korean subsidiary Home Plus put up billboards in subway stations with their range of products, accompanied by QR, or Quick Response codes. All people had to do now is scan the QR codes with their cell phone and the groceries were delivered to their doorsteps.

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23 Responses to “Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea”

  1. PikachuColoredPichu1 says:

    Hey, that’s pretty …
    Hey, that’s pretty handy.

  2. kantwinnada says:

    I have mixed …
    I have mixed feelings here. I’m in the states and we have a HUGE unemployment problem. Stores like this would eliminate a lot of jobs. I also, hate going to the grocery store and waiting in line.

  3. LambdaQuarks says:

    Hey, soon I want …
    Hey, soon I want even have to wipe my own ass. If you work so much that you can’t even go buy groceries than you work to much. Kind of sad. Everyone is nothing but a slave and consumer.

  4. yannou1605 says:

    Well I’m French and …
    Well I’m French and I hope this great idea will arrive in our country !

  5. eazyevan1 says:

    It looks very hard …
    It looks very hard to steal there! But the gettaway train is a great idea!! ;-)

  6. dt9394 says:

    time to change it …
    time to change it to nfc! nfc is much convenient as u tap and shop. time to change :)

  7. nadiaislooking says:

    @kirana1002 That’s …
    @kirana1002 That’s true, but when Home Plus comes to KL it has to remain its original concept and quality, they need to look at it thoroughly, I believe the market is here and we’re already buying e-vouchers, we are using online transactions alot more and spend less time in queues. Well lets just see…when they will come here….

  8. kirana1002 says:

    @nadiaislooking …
    @nadiaislooking yeah.. its a good idea. but how to make sure that the staff there will bring good product same like in the picture? not the broken stuff and very close to the expired date? coz sometimes..even we go by our-self to make shopping, i still see tthe product which already expired.. hmm…

  9. firstcuevas2809 says:

    idea mantap
    idea mantap

  10. firstcuevas2809 says:

    hoho … ini memang …
    hoho … ini memang mantap … bring this to kl …

  11. nadiaislooking says:

    the number of …
    the number of Malaysians using the lrt in Kuala Lumpur is huge, the number of tired Malaysians while waiting for the lrt is also huge, the number of frustrated Malaysians while waiting for the lrt that is always full and have to wait for the next one is even bigger…imagine if Tesco bring this here…..sale will increase 166% cause we would be shopping online instead of imagining that we got onto the one before. Home Mart…come to me baby!!!

  12. ran5993 says:

    that’s awesome :D
    that’s awesome :D

  13. saiplayer2525 says:

    all Asian country …
    all Asian country must utilize this technology!

  14. MsPolkadott says:

    hi I’m the Malaysia …
    hi I’m the Malaysia and I just know about this facility. I think it is great !!!!

  15. yougo159630 says:


  16. marshall19th says:

    really creative!! …
    really creative!! bravoo

  17. windz92 says:

    @haojie1998 …
    @haojie1998 Singapore should have this at the MRT. that would be awesome!

  18. haojie1998 says:

    Singapore has …
    Singapore has started using this, too.

  19. javvta says:

    @ACandioti La …
    @ACandioti La novedad es que tampoco necesitas sentarte frente a la compu a hacer la compra. Mientras esperas el metro o colectivo, compras!

  20. javvta says:

    @zeus211066 Noooo! …
    @zeus211066 Noooo! Es el presente! ojalá llegue pronto a nuestros países… :) 

  21. tonys2k2 says:

    Very cool and …
    Very cool and innovative!

  22. COMAproductionsTV says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! …

  23. ricardoriosgondim says:


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