TLDR: Y U MESS UP AUDIO AGAIN? [Watch Video Responses]

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25 Responses to “TLDR: Y U MESS UP AUDIO AGAIN? [Watch Video Responses]”

  1. Hayeshacker0NE says:


  2. NIKEISNICKY12345 says:

    He was only trying …
    He was only trying to help L:

  3. archie2go says:

    cool audio! ;-)
    cool audio! ;-)

  4. oztracks says:

    Wow when the audio …
    Wow when the audio screws up you sound just like the gatekeeper droid from Return of the Jedi :)

  5. joshthenesnerd11 says:

    oh its done
    oh its done

  6. joshthenesnerd11 says:

    what is your …
    what is your favourite system

  7. joshthenesnerd11 says:


  8. joshthenesnerd11 says:

    hi chris
    hi chris

  9. 6521b says:

    THANK YOU CHRIS. FROM (skyadboard)

  10. 6521b says:

    thank you
    thank you

  11. locris says:


  12. mrhuntjimsa says:

    DUUDE next time say …
    DUUDE next time say some epic lines like..” LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER” and stuff.. with this voice it’s gonna be Nice!

  13. MrAppleFingers says:

    i thought this was …
    i thought this was supposed to stream at 3pm PST? Its 2;06 in california as i am posting the comment

  14. sjurkv says:

    I bought the iPhone …
    I bought the iPhone 4s unlocked and put in my simcard…. it’s brilliant!

  15. Stelgim says:

    kinda fun to listen …
    kinda fun to listen to a deep voiced Chris :o

  16. HHH077698 says:

    I miss the intro :(
    I miss the intro :(

  17. tvisio says:

    IPad does not allow …
    IPad does not allow the Adobe Flash upgrade to play the vid. I must Pay 4View. A fine example to prove to parents and relatives that all this content creation is providing Kibbles for Wicket. Hope you are getting some Alpo from Adobe.

  18. sonicfan23 says:

    HE SAID SONIC!!! <3
    HE SAID SONIC!!! <3

  19. ecartman12 says:

    The thing is that …
    The thing is that kids will not be able to get smartphones to play games on and parents know the name Nintendo and Sony so they will get them portable consoles and also many people who are serious gamers want to have buttons to play the game with and not constantly touching the screen. Different people want different gaming experiences and I personally like playing games with physical buttons and not on a touch screen so for me I want to play a portable console or console with controller.

  20. Bakari8886 says:

    For whatever reason …
    For whatever reason, the 1st time the audio did this I thought you (Pirillo) was the culprit
    Hopefully Youtube fixes this, I was really into this video

  21. shockskid says:

    youtube screwed up …
    youtube screwed up at 29.26

  22. narongriitw says:

    Chris, you should …
    Chris, you should have the introduction video (TLDR) before starting your live video.

  23. horsefamilymag says:

    Really great …
    Really great content. Darn Youtube for messing up the audio.

  24. millanrlm says:

    n the audio went …
    n the audio went wrong. lol

  25. keco185 says:

    I only could watch …
    I only could watch 1/3 of the video. :(

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