What happens if you talk with your phone in a concert?

food on your phone The musicians were playing normally and suddenly…

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23 Responses to “What happens if you talk with your phone in a concert?”

  1. Themousewins says:

    It would have been …
    It would have been fine if he kept his voice down, he was probably loud though as they certainly took notice of him.

    You wouldn’t take a call when musicians are playing in a club, I don’t understand why its so hard to simply step to the side away from the people who are legitimately interested in hearing the music, not some dude talking to his mother having a heart attack.

  2. Slaytounge says:

    -Just learned his …
    -Just learned his children are dead-

  3. 0andrewsmith0 says:

    Dude, it’s a …
    Dude, it’s a outdoor market and he’s sitting having lunch at a restaurant (or food stall, they serve really good fried rice there).

  4. whodaman96 says:

    Hate to be THAT guy …
    Hate to be THAT guy…
    But if she’s calling you instead of an ambulance…

  5. MrHistoronics says:

    this is a …
    this is a marketplace in london. imagine if you just decided to sit on a bench and take a call and then a busker came over and made it so you had to hang up on the call, even if it was your mum calling for help cos she is having a heart attack

  6. burchinator says:

    Walked outside? …
    Walked outside? They are outside dummy. It’s not a concert.

  7. Arosin90 says:

    You know that the …
    You know that the violinist in the bottom left at 00:18 is thinking “So ya wanna talk on your cellphone during OUR concert huh? C’mon guys lets go show this guy what happens when you try to ignore US! CHARGE!!”

  8. oSNE4Ko says:

    Lol that’s pretty …
    Lol that’s pretty win

  9. MatthewTS22 says:

    name of this piece …
    name of this piece anyone?

  10. mattjhine says:

    It’s Covent Garden …
    It’s Covent Garden Market in London

  11. lastelin says:

    Well, if you look …
    Well, if you look at the video again you may notice they are not in a bloody music hall or anything, it looks more like an outdoor part of a restaurant, and they perform there, they have a basket in the front of them…. collecting money selling some CDs.
    The guy had every right to recieve a call and there is no proof he was to loud on the phone.

    It was just a joke and a good one, the guy took it well, the audience had a good laugh…. end of story.

    So just take it easy…

  12. kayboo9100 says:

    Geez people, …
    Geez people, lighten up. It was a clever joke by the musicians and the guy on the phone took it well.

  13. 0922Beatrice says:

    What a nice …
    What a nice pinprick!

  14. SALDFSKLDFS says:

    I would have punch …
    I would have punch those faggots.

  15. OverkillHazard says:

    Yeah… OWND!
    Yeah… OWND!

  16. santiagoedwin715 says:

    THE ART OF …
    THE ART OF TROLLING now available in France

  17. 104mrjayjay says:


  18. TheRimDoctor says:

    There’s the …
    There’s the attitude I’m looking for! Turn your morality into anger, like me.

  19. fitobcnfito says:

    I’m gonna kill her …
    I’m gonna kill her with my iphone ;)

  20. TheRimDoctor says:

    Lighten up for …
    Lighten up for sakes before you beat your wife out of anger.

  21. TheRimDoctor says:

    What song is this? …
    What song is this? It’s on the tip of my tongue

  22. slywinkisme says:


  23. MrMaxinitro says:

    can somebody tell …
    can somebody tell me the name of the song, i know i knew the name but i forgot about it!

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