“Your Food Storage Sucks: The Honeyville Solution” by Nutnfancy Pt 2

food on your phone Mention NUTNFANCY in all Honeyville store locations to receive 15% OFF on SIX #10 cans or more until 31 Jan 2013!!! Not valid for online sales yet.///////////////////// I know people and I know you. It’s a safe bet then your food storage sucks! Here’s a way from The Nutnfancy Project to help your situation…for less. This is a store visit to a Honeyville Grain food store, a huge supplier to preparedness folks all over the country. Their food is of superb quality and when cooked often cannot be distinguished against fresh ingredient preparations. Mrs Nutnfancy is my helper as we make our way across the shelves and have interesting discussions with Honeyville’s friendly food storage guru Lisa B. Subjects such as water storage, sanitation, freeze dried vs dehydrated, appetitie fatigue and starvation, food sharing in emergencies, cooking options, radios, quality levels, and the fascinating subject of “Meals in a Jar.” You will find Lisa very in line with the TNP Preparedness philosophy and the stark realities that WILL face you. Buy a case if you can, a can if can’t. Little by little you can store up these #10 Honeyville food can options and you will be glad you did. Most will store for 10 to 15 years in proper conditions. Go to www.honeyvillegrain.com or http://cheftessbakeresse.blogspot.com for in depth and good Meal in a Jar recipes and store held classes to help further your education. Tell them as always Nutnfancy sent you!//////////////////HONEYVILLE STORE LOCATIONS [subject to change]: Honeyville SLC Utah, 389 West 1830 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, (801) 839-7576, Honeyville Brigham City Utah, 1080 North Main Suite 101, Brigham City, UT 84302, (435) 494-4193, Honeyville Chandler Arizona, 33 South 56th Street Suite 1. Chandler, AZ 85226, (480) 785-5210, Honeyville California, 9175 Milliken Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730, (909) 243-1050/////////////////BTW I do not recommend “Daily Bread” food storage. Overpriced, over hyped, refused to provide TNP discount as well in series of phone calls. Said they would gladly accept free TNP promotion but no discount would be provided. I said NO.

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  1. ratride1 says:

    Thanks for getting …
    Thanks for getting info out about food storage. Good pointers to get you started.

  2. olson795 says:

    Got started with …
    Got started with the run and gun. Will save my life with this series. 

  3. BravingTheOutDoors says:


  4. fartx211 says:

    Nutn stop …
    Nutn stop interrupting the lady when shes trying to talk!

  5. Joe Patriot says:

    rehydrate. Brings …
    rehydrate. Brings the food back to original condition (sort of, it’s never perfect).

  6. tganzrussell says:

    Hey Nutnfancy (or …
    Hey Nutnfancy (or Veri) Are you (he) out of the dog box yet for implying Mrs Nutnfancy needs cooking lessons? lol

    Awesome vids, wish we had Honeyville in New Zealand.

  7. R Currey says:

    Always loved the …
    Always loved the guns and gear videos, but, these Honeyville videos are AWESOME. Keep up the great work brother!

  8. Thiscrapsannoying says:

    Hey whats the …
    Hey whats the weight on that whisk? I need to make sure it doesn’t cause my platform to get too heavy. Also, do they make barrel mounts for it. I’d love to attach it to the end of my AR.

  9. srvvlhm says:

    The Wayzata spices …
    The Wayzata spices got my attention. Especially they way she pronounced it. Here in Minnesota we say it why-zet-a. Just when she said it i was thinking it could be the same thing, then you showed it. It is funny how we say it. Also i think i am going to buy one can of everything over the nedt year. i want to try it all. But I can buy the Wayzata spices just down the road from the people.

  10. reeseman67 says:

    WOW!!! Their …
    WOW!!! Their shipping prices are INSANELY AWESOME egardless of how MUCH you order, think half my next paycheck is going to the first steps of REAL food, not MRE’s, for my families future!! Thanks for the ‘hookup’ nutn!! Four years and not a days gone by I haven’t looked forward to a new vid!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Although maybe this’ all a dream cause the world ended a day and a half ago..LOL!!!

  11. GamersBar says:

    you cant cook with …
    you cant cook with powdered milk , ive tried making pancakes with it , my granddad drinks it , its ok to drink but def cant cook with it

  12. AsleepAtThe Wheel says:

    Awesome vids nutn! …
    Awesome vids nutn! Would love to see the classes and so would my wife. Finaly got her to watch TNP! BTW anyone know what reconstitute means?

  13. 1guyin10 says:

    Thanks for putting …
    Thanks for putting this up. There is some great info in these two videos.

  14. Gunlover82 says:

    “Hi, my name is …
    “Hi, my name is Lisa and I know my s***”

  15. archuka1 says:

    Totally awsome, …
    Totally awsome, Thanks nut’n and Mrs. nut’n Yes would like to see more of exactly how to do it — if possible.

  16. highonimmi says:

    hash browns are …
    hash browns are sold out…$6.80?! ….man ide lke some of those. you can make sooo many different things with hashies. using allie as a milk cow, garbage disposal…y’all are nuts! love the vid and will be getting tesses book. so far i have at least one of the veggie cases, buillone. i wish you could substitute certain veggies (dad takes warfarin). goats are actually better for milk. our bodies accept it better.

  17. AgeOfTheMasses says:

    This woman is a …
    This woman is a BAMF

  18. voodoovfr says:

    One of the best …
    One of the best food storage videos I’ve seen.

  19. oldmanr101 says:

    Wonderful two vids …
    Wonderful two vids !! I hope that you will be able to extend your TNP discount to on line,.The bottled meals will be valuable beyond belief. That cook book along with the freezed dried ingredients are now on the top of the list.

  20. thephranc says:

    Went to the website …
    Went to the website today and so much is out of stock.

  21. FireFlysLight says:

    Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much.

    I LOVE that thermal cooker.

    Looks “real world” usable, truly usable. Camping, homemade “boxed” products, vacation home ever-ready’s, disaster (of course).

    Not just bland, disfigured, “morale depleting” staples packed away, waiting to be used during those dreaded hardest days of your life.

  22. flashider556 says:

    I would love some …
    I would love some videos on your own food and water storage Nutn and some videos cooking the food. I feel more prepared just watching the videos.

  23. TheAMGchiller says:

    At which point did …
    At which point did it become so bad that Americans have to think about this? Honestly this destroys my conception of the world…

  24. venuslnd says:

    I love the bottle …
    I love the bottle meal concept. Can you cook that with camping stove? BTW… Ms. NutNFancy has prettiest smile.

  25. novarod says:

    There is a LDS …
    There is a LDS cannery in Tucker Georgia…PM me and I’ll send you some info on it. But like you say, a Honeyville Grains Store in Alabama would be awesome!

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