‪Windows Phone Challenge: Search: Which smartphone is simply faster?‬

restaurant on smartphone We offered people $100 if their smartphones are faster at everyday things, like searching for a restaurant and getting directions. See how Local Scout and Bing help make Windows Phone simply faster.

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25 Responses to “‪Windows Phone Challenge: Search: Which smartphone is simply faster?‬”

  1. DruMUSIC06 says:

    I have my HTC Radar …
    I have my HTC Radar, glad I bought it, Windows Phone all the way baby!

  2. DruMUSIC06 says:

    You got that right …
    You got that right :) proud owner of a win phone here. WINPhone for the WIN!

  3. Beauizpro94 says:

    All the WP has is …
    All the WP has is their OS is simplier to use than Android or iPhone. Their phones are not faster.

  4. YMCMB4L1F3 says:

    Its not about the …
    Its not about the numbers (GHz for processor), its about how fast the UI can let you do what you want

  5. DezdariEgzon says:

    Can anyone tell me …
    Can anyone tell me the name of this song!?, pleasseeeee.

  6. TheSayd007 says:

    really boss. also …
    really boss. also it gain you attention from your friends

  7. CyberBeast125 says:

    nice, how is it?

    nice, how is it?

  8. BurakkuYume says:

    Why he only uses …
    Why he only uses the Titan II? Lumia 900 is more beautiful

  9. aidanrayner999 says:

    I’ve got the HTC …
    I’ve got the HTC HD7. :D

  10. TheSayd007 says:

    I bought the NOKIA …
    I bought the NOKIA LUMIA 900

  11. 357Android says:


  12. johnmatthewfelix says:

    No problem sir
    No problem sir

  13. 357Android says:

    I’m really sory …
    I’m really sory that you’re so stupid

  14. johnmatthewfelix says:

    keep being poor! :(
    keep being poor! :(

  15. 357Android says:

    Keep trolling lol
    Keep trolling lol

  16. johnmatthewfelix says:

    I am, because your …
    I am, because your mom slapped me in bed.. twice.. I’m sorry :(

  17. 357Android says:

    It seems like you …
    It seems like you are crying

  18. johnmatthewfelix says:

    don’t cry… :(
    don’t cry… :(

  19. 357Android says:

    Windows Phone …
    Windows Phone doesn’t support Skype running in the background, so that’s crap

  20. johnmatthewfelix says:

    Here comes the …
    Here comes the sweet boyfriend to the rescue :)

  21. Matteo Morato says:

    There’s many more …
    There’s many more reasons to not go WIndows and opt for Android instead, one and for all is the greater stability of Android which doesn’t brick as easily WP7! Jesus they bricked it with an OTA update and said it wasnt their fault!

  22. Matteo Morato says:

    We should dump …
    We should dump Skype as just nother proprietary incompatible piece of crap and switch to something better and distributed not centralized!

  23. Matteo Morato says:

    He’s smart instead. …
    He’s smart instead.. WP7 sucks

  24. johnmatthewfelix says:

    good for you… I …
    good for you… I think… I’m really sorry that you’re so lame…

  25. 357Android says:

    But there is much …
    But there is much more applications and games on Android, that’s why it’s better

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