2013-04-16 14.01 [SqueezeMobi] Mobile Monkey Pre-Launch Mobile Training

restaurant on smartphone Mobile Monkey’s fans are raving. If you want our massive bonuses [100 limit] you MUST buy through our link below:


Let me ask you this…

Did you know that according to Nielsen’s Smartphone Analytics Panel, 95% of smartphone users conduct restaurant searches and 90% of these users “convert within the day,” meaning they then go out to eat based on the searches they conducted?

That presents us with an enormous opportunity to help restaurants leverage mobile marketing to secure new customers since if they do not have a mobile optimized site since that means the restaurant is losing out on these 95% of smartphone users that are ready to take action and go out to eat.

Why is this important? Mobile is like the internet back in the 90s. Now every serious restaurant has a website because they understand the impact a website has on their business but over 90% of businesses do not have a mobile optimized site, which presents us – the mobile consultants with an opportunity.

Mobile Monkey has just launched 9 of the hottest landing pages that will allow you to crush the restaurant niche and have pre-made templates for almost every restaurant out there…

5.Steak houses
7.And more…

This is the easiest niche to monetize in mobile. Why? There are 100s of restaurants and you can target one on any corner. So grab Mobile Monkey’s Restaurant Slider and start closing restaurants today!

Bonus #1 – SqueezeMobi Proprietary Restaurant Telemarketing Script (100 Person Limit)

If you get just the front-end offer of 9-mobile restaurant landing pages (starting at ONLY $7) you will get our proprietary script to be used with a telemarketing team to hustle restaurant owners to a webinar where you will educate them on mobile (websites & SMS) and then close them via the offline audit method.

Bonus #2 – Restaurant Insta-Portfolio (50 Person Limit)

If you get the upgrade which is 9 full-blown mobile site templates (5-pages), you will get an entire insta-portfolio (demo website) that you can send potential clients to and have a pre-made done-for-you website ready to go for your restaurant mobile business.

Bonuses are auto-delivered via WarriorPlus! Grab it here:


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