Live from CES 2012: Windows Phone $100 Challenge | 4-Star Restaurant

restaurant on smartphone Watch Windows Phone’s Local Scout mobile app out-search other smartphone users for the nearest 4-star restaurant. Who is simply faster? Watch Ben the PC Guy take on other smartphones in the Windows Phone $100 Challenge.


Duration : 0:2:18

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25 Responses to “Live from CES 2012: Windows Phone $100 Challenge | 4-Star Restaurant”

  1. glowradiomuvienight says:

    life to short to …
    life to short to wait,why wasting ur time waiting while it can be faster click it done ,move on,,its great,,

  2. adrian3928 says:

    Zune is able to …
    Zune is able to pull album artwork and info too. Not so sure about the lossless songs part.

  3. stefanbajer says:

    Is this a phone for …
    Is this a phone for people without patience. What is the hurry? So what if you have to wait a few seconds longer? At the end of the day I still can´t listen to my lossless audio files on this fast phone. With iTunes I just rip my cd´s to apple lossless and iTunes finds the album art and then I just sync the iPhone. Done. I don´t care how fast WP7 is, I have no use for it.

  4. icedragon2812 says:

    The iPhone guys …
    The iPhone guys fails. He should of used Siri!

  5. 4utox3c says:

    Cool feature but …
    Cool feature but doesn’t work in my country :[

  6. Arcingi says:

    According to my …
    According to my windows phone there’s nothing interesting to do or place to eat in Seoul. This only works well if you’re in the US.

  7. nutkaslonca says:

    Sahas Katta of …
    Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech, win that challenge
    you are thieves

  8. Mirrorificationize says:


  9. josecarlogo328 says:

    1:38 that was A …
    1:38 that was A freaking cool mic

  10. josecarlogo328 says:

    1:38 that was A …
    1:38 that was A freaking cool mic

  11. rossieigoxiej49k says:

    iphone4,apply now! …
    iphone4,apply now! -iphone4 LVUZ7c

  12. MannieFabian says:

    HTC Titan WP7 is …
    HTC Titan WP7 is wayyyyyy better!!!!

  13. tomjameshoys09 says:

    Why didn’t he just …
    Why didn’t he just use SIRI?

  14. TheAllumen says:

    People please help …
    People please help i am just simply stuck HTC Titan or Samsung Galaxy Note :(

  15. crazy12525 says:

    lol i tried …
    lol i tried challenging with my htc sensation while watching all the videos….i lost all of them…except this one ! !! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… :D but i love WP7 !! it simply rocks…maybe i won this challenge coz my internet was faster….. :)

  16. dimmers22 says:

    Id like to know 2 …
    Id like to know 2 things: 1. Was he using a wifi spot compared to the competitors as lag would have been created by the network provider and given any phone an advantage using wifi 2. I would like to see an iPhone, android or whatever user with knowledge of all the shortcuts like the windows rep does as some competitors clearly know the true functionally of their phone With these 2 factors then I’d like to see the real challenge

  17. dimmers22 says:

    What I’d like to …
    What I’d like to know is 2 things:

  18. sambeetabc2 says:

    this guy knows the …
    this guy knows the ways !! call up ppl from apple and google android team .. let there be clash of evens !! LOL :D

  19. pspguy4 says:

    To all single women …
    To all single women, if you want to go to dinner at a 4 star restaurant go out with a guy who has a windows phone. Android users will take you to a McDonald’s and iPhone users wont take you anywhere. This is a fact as seen in the video above.

  20. Nick827 says:

    I believe this …
    I believe this because there are windows phones that have a faster processor than those phones the other guys have.

  21. Alexpro680 says:

    Like than WP …
    Like than WP doesn’t deal with customizability bullshit straight to the point

  22. Droid5767 says:

    im so happy i got …
    im so happy i got a windows phone 7

  23. twizatch says:

    All Android guy had …
    All Android guy had to do was use his places app (native to Android) and within 5 seconds would have been done.

    It actually takes longer to decide which restaurant you would prefer than the operations.

    Of course a trained marketing guy is going to beat a couple of normal convention goers.

    Get a Google employee and someone from the Apple Genius Bar to go up against him and I’m confident he would lose more often than not.

  24. annaju86 says:

    Windows phone is …
    Windows phone is proprietary and locked offering zero customization.. 1 second more or 15 seconds less Android will always win there..
    The rest is just marketing chit chat..

  25. trinoalvarez says:

    surprisingly well, …
    surprisingly well, specially if you use the phone as if you were making a phone call so that the mic is close to your mouth. I didn’t time it but I got directions an all just a little earlier than these guys.

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