Live from CES 2012: Windows Phone $100 Challenge | Part 1

restaurant on smartphone Which smartphone is simply faster? See what happens when Ben The PC Guy takes on CES 2012 attendees the $100 Challenge from Windows Phone.

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Duration : 0:2:17

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25 Responses to “Live from CES 2012: Windows Phone $100 Challenge | Part 1”

  1. oliverhniu says:

    Guys use the yelp …
    Guys use the yelp app it’s a

  2. oliverhniu says:


  3. TheC1c2c3c4c says:

    he could have done …
    he could have done it in 1 click if he pined it to the start screen…

  4. TheC1c2c3c4c says:

    no lol its the …
    no lol its the search key…. everyone knows where it is

  5. TheC1c2c3c4c says:

    wtf are you talking …
    wtf are you talking about :P theres no settings to set up lol you just hit the search button and it brings up local attractions… i can even find concerts and random local events in the same time as it takes to find a restaurant. + all businesses you search have a top result that will list phone numbers, emails, store hours/show times, directions for that business that will call or reserve a time with just 1 click
    OS is faster and the relevant buttons are always 1-3 click away from home screen

  6. TheC1c2c3c4c says:

    no lol the os is …
    no lol the os is faster in general my trophy runs circles around my sisters droid x2

  7. EnvyM31550 says:

    tests are rigged …
    tests are rigged as fuck

  8. Michael Grabowski says:

    I have the “local” …
    I have the “local” shortcut to the Google+/Maps integrated service on my homescreen, I unlock the phone with my face, tap local and hit restaurants and it takes all of ten seconds, all of this on a two year old Nexus S. Sure if you’ve got a windows phone pre-prepared with all location settings on, etc it does it quickly, but I’m sure if you were to say pick up your Windows Phone after an hour of not using it, and had to turn your location settings back on to use the app,it’d take a while too.

  9. orlandovl1111c says:

    I love my Samsung …
    I love my Samsung fokus s

  10. reydelgarcia89 says:

    19 people got …
    19 people got smoked by Windows Phone.

  11. Raptor72896 says:

    Beat the Windows …
    Beat the Windows Phone in both challenges on my OLD Evo 4g on Sprint.

  12. Joe Farnworth-Mayers says:

    my six sense …
    my six sense detects……………… bullshit

  13. 2silvertv says:

    And most people …
    And most people wouldn’t know how to find it on their WP either because the don’t look for things like that. They just do it the way they’re used to do it on their computers and things like that.

  14. michael9678727 says:

    LOL with my HTC …
    LOL with my HTC with ICS I was faster then the win phone. from asking using voice I click on the restaurant and if gives me directions by car or walking.

  15. Dr1661 says:

    Press 2
    Press 2

  16. nutkaslonca says:

    Sahas Katta of …
    Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech, win that challenge
    you are thieves

  17. bmw2go11 says:

    just …

    just bullshit

  18. FC1032 says:

    Why would you use …
    Why would you use speech in this situation?!

    I used maps, typed in “4 star restaurant”, got a list then press get directions :\

  19. W3TFART says:

    That was …
    That was trained how to search for he suggested looking for a restaurant joe blow didn’t
    Bet if you asked them some other by someone who knows how to use there phone properly they would be especially when they have fuck-all apps available

  20. Kyorere23 says:

    Windows Phone and …
    Windows Phone and Windows Mobile are COMPLETELY different. You might as well call them totally different operating systems because that’s basically what they were. You really have to give Microsoft a clean slate when using Windows Phone 7, because if you are expecting an experience similar to Windows Mobile, you will not expect much. Being honest, Windows Phone is a very elegant and fast operating system, even with using last generation spec, it can still out perform modern Androids.

  21. TurabGarip says:

    You should check it …
    You should check it again; but from another source than WikiPedia. Because you couldn’t get the point; that is; only the NAME of “WP” was launched in 2010; not the Windows Mobile platform (which was launched in 2000 according to your source).

    FYI, check when HP IPAQ was released and which operating system it was using. This searching will lighten your life. Really.

  22. Kyorere23 says:

    Last time I checked …
    Last time I checked, WP was only out since 2010. Unless you mean that terrible Windows Mobile, in which case, that statement is invalid.

  23. TurabGarip says:

    I am shocked seeing …
    I am shocked seeing what kind of bullsh*t Microsoft is “smoking”. What you shall get from this video is; you need to have a well-ads-educated bald guy to use your Windows Phone. Else; you will need to dig into the phone shouting “what the that bald guy was taught that I can’t find in this sh*t!”

    Sign, a 4 years Windows Phone user. (Yes, that was a dot in the end.)

    P.S: Android sucks as well, but in a different way than Microsoft wear out to understand.

  24. theguythatcould says:

    Galaxy nexus …
    Galaxy nexus represent! ;)

  25. theguythatcould says:

    this is based on …
    this is based on how well you know your phone

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