Rettinger’s Rants: Smartphone Addiction

restaurant on smartphone Rettinger’s Rants: Smartphone Addiction

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Jon R is back with an all new show where he rants and raves on various topics in and out of the tech world. On this week’s episode, Jon rants about our constant need to check smartphones in public places. Before Apple and Google took over the phone world, people were less attached to their devices and could go out to dinner or a movie without being distracted by their phones. Now, anywhere you go you are almost guaranteed to see someone using their phone to check Facebook, read emails, or send texts instead of socializing and interacting with the people around them. Jon has fallen victim to this behavior but has found a fun way to stop it. Do you find yourself constantly on your phone in public places? All this and more in this episode of Rants!

Duration : 0:4:20

25 Responses to “Rettinger’s Rants: Smartphone Addiction”

  1. FRonTLinES10064 says:

    I’m watching this …
    I’m watching this on my phone lol

  2. XxFinn27xX says:

    I just sometimes …
    I just sometimes hit my Silence button on my phone, but I don’t care…I usually don’t check it ^_^

    But last week I went through the Mall of Amerika and I tried to count all the Smartphones, It is basically not possible….

    It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

  3. TheRyannorthcutt says:

    I felt like I was …
    I felt like I was the only one that felt this way. Honestly I’m a complete techie but I absolutely love the times when no one has their phone or computer glued to their fingertips and I get to enjoy talking to people face to face I’m only 16 and I kinda miss real conversations.

  4. Amir Mohammad says:

    0:25 – SKIP INTRO
    0:25 – SKIP INTRO

  5. drew4702 says:

    I work at a …
    I work at a grocery store and I hate it when people are talking on the phone and trying to order something its just rude to me and the person on the other side of the phone

  6. Bemko Menko says:
    Apps, Games, Music, Cases…

  7. Antonw18 says:

    Tbh I’m not …
    Tbh I’m not addicted to my phone. when I’m at home relaxing I use it a lot, but when I’m out at work or with friends I sometimes even forget that I have my phone on me.

  8. ApologiaTV says:

    I went on a 2 day …
    I went on a 2 day campout kids birthday with 6 families 30-40 year olds) . Even though we had cell service there, I only saw people using phones rarely and only for taking photos. Our kids all attend the same classical school and we were all in business. We’re able to focus on conversation and caring for our kids. Good to promote that in culture. Less tech is better

  9. iROCKuFOOLz says:

    I have phantom …
    I have phantom vibrations all the time!

  10. Mishael Oblefias says:

    Same goes here…
    Same goes here…

  11. MrBlompod says:

    oh god I get the …
    oh god I get the phantom vibration in my pocket too

  12. 808frost says:

    This is true, and …
    This is true, and I constantly feel the phantom vibration myself I’m constantly checking.

  13. James M. says:

    I know what you …
    I know what you mean I was a restaurant/bar and there was a group of people texting and not bother talking to each other. We live in a digital world

  14. laxdnumber3 says:

    get my ranties in a …
    get my ranties in a bunch.  i love it!

  15. The15back says:

    Yeah I feel those …
    Yeah I feel those phantom vibrations too. I would be even more unsocial if i did not quit instagram.

  16. MyTechMethods says:

    I thought about …
    I thought about giving up my smartphone for a week. Then I smacked myself.

  17. redfrost89 says:

    mee too!!!
    mee too!!!

  18. TechMyLifeVideo says:

    I get that …
    I get that vibration, I almost went and saw a doctor as I thought it was a circulation issue in my leg. Glad i’m not the only one.

  19. amavrouleas says:

    dude i broke up …
    dude i broke up with my girlfriend cause she was CONSTANTLY watching her phone and totaly ignored me when we were at a date!!!! WWWWWTTTTTFFFFFF

  20. Jason Nostro says:

    Wow you just …
    Wow you just figured this out Jon? It’s been going on for the past 5 years now. I always step away from all 6 of my devices.

  21. Pat Hong says:

    On my Nexus 7 all …
    On my Nexus 7 all the time but I turn it off when listening to people

  22. cleaalex918 says:

    I hate it when I …
    I hate it when I try to talk to a friend or watch a movie with them and they just sit there on their fancy little galaxy s3. And no I’m not a hypocrite, my phone calls, make texts messages and that’s it.

  23. MoghyBear says:

    I hate it when …
    I hate it when people look at a picture of me on their phone while talking to me. It doesn’t happen often

  24. guesswho893 says:

    true story
    true story

  25. guesswho893 says:

    true story.__.
    true story.__.

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