Seeing Paris #1 1920s

restaurant on smartphone A tour of the landmarks of Paris in the 1920′s by Burton Holmes. Burton Holmes looks over boulevard from balcony, Avenue de Opera, Opera Garnier, traffic, Cafe de la Paix, restaurant, waiters, outdoor cafe, men strolling in straw hats, sailors, newstand, shoe shine, Porte St denis, Porte St. Martin, Bastille Day celebration, parade, policemen, WWI soldiers marching with rifles, horse cavalry, Lafayette statue, Parc Monceau, reflecting pool. For more about Burton Holmes visit To purchase a clean DVD or digital download of this film for personal home use or educational use contact us at To license footage from this film for commercial use visit:

Duration : 0:4:9

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25 Responses to “Seeing Paris #1 1920s”

  1. Realhistoria says:

    Clemenceau = …
    Clemenceau = Hungarian murder , criminal. (1920. Junius 4. versailles, trianon)

    Justice for Hungary!

  2. dreyes18 says:

    First World War was …
    First World War was going on in the 1910′s….. no way this was then. The obvious prosperity and smiling marching soldiers survivors of WWI is evident. At least, my opinion.

  3. Francesko263 says:

    In 1910 streets …
    In 1910 streets were not so plenty of cars and vehicles. Those models of cars were popular in the 20s.

  4. Rab1975bit says:

    This doesn’t look …
    This doesn’t look 1920s. It looks more like mid – late 1910s. People in the video are wearing mid 1910s fashion.

  5. Marlean says:

    Lovely video, do …
    Lovely video, do you have more?

  6. andrewadamsbroadcast says:

    My mustache and I …
    My mustache and I were wondering, Is that one of them newfangled whirligig videomobox’s.

  7. ajgolfer1 says:

    marx is dead get a …
    marx is dead get a job and join the human race

  8. mythoe says:

    No condamnation of …
    No condamnation of the pestilent racism that plagued the past and menaces the future because of base spirits like you.

  9. kzbxvz says:

    Paris is still a …
    Paris is still a wonderful city!

  10. Tinhatflat says:

    There’s no traffic …
    There’s no traffic lights! Did you see the car weaving around each other at the start?

  11. irinisva says:

    Great documentary!!
    Great documentary!!

  12. Jaabyourface says:

    @Egoanarch opposing …
    @Egoanarch opposing foreign occupationa nd colonisation of your homeland isn’t rascist, its normal.

  13. hilletehnoob says:

    no diversity and no …
    no diversity and no “modern” building without any identity,so cool

  14. zenobie2000 says:

    rite, they were …
    rite, they were just out of WWI, & awaiting for WWII …. homemade wars … :)

  15. oxfordpictionary says:

    needs music :)
    needs music :)

  16. TheWormies says:

    Maybe they are not …
    Maybe they are not there because they were part of the 475,000 colonial French troops who fought for the French in World War I and died by the tens of thousands. The people in this clip might be speaking German if it weren’t for the great grandfathers of the North Africans and Muslims you apparently dislike so much.

  17. fernsalz says:

    they where busy …
    they where busy being killed in their homelands by french colonialist….. Lovely

  18. 1400deadwood says:

    - genocide is evil. …
    – genocide is evil. But it is and has always been a two way street. Let’s all work for peace and reconciliation.

  19. Lioyd1rving says:

    Because all rioters …
    Because all rioters are immigrants.

  20. Lioyd1rving says:

    And genocide. Don’t …
    And genocide. Don’t forget the genocide.

  21. redeadx5 says:

    OMG Adolf Hitler in …
    OMG Adolf Hitler in the left on 1:29

  22. SyndromeRDR says:

    There was no ” …
    There was no “justification” for moorish invasion because it was not based on a humanist ideal, it was only about Islam supremacy instead of french who wanted to bring civilisation to the “savages”. You could also considerate that North Af’ muslims deserved what happened to them in XIXth century because they invaded North african christian people that they converted by force and annihilated their civilisation, like in Persia. Go ask Kabylians what they think about arabs in Algeria.

  23. 1400deadwood says:

    - if that’s the …
    – if that’s the case then there is even more ‘justification’ for the Moorish invasion of Spain and France since this brought science, medicine, and architectural advancement into those countries.

  24. SyndromeRDR says:

    “Algeria” was not …
    “Algeria” was not invaded but created by the french, they overstayed there after they ejected from the coast the turk ottomans who were there for centuries as invaders. The difference between french and ottomans is that french brought vaccination, education, technical progress. Without european colonisation of Africa, there would still be massive slavery of blacks by arab muslims and africans who would still be dying of disease with a huge child mortality.

  25. rameyseth says:

    Those cafe shots …
    Those cafe shots are intense.

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