Snapfinger restaurant ordering app for iPhone and Android

restaurant on smartphone Order food from your favorite restaurants right from your iPhone or Android phone. You get real-time synchronized menus that are tied to the restaurant’s menu and ordering systems, and the app makes it easy to pay for your meal. If the restaurant delivers, you can order food straight to your door!

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3 Responses to “Snapfinger restaurant ordering app for iPhone and Android”

  1. jamesedwardtheobald says:

    haha, no …
    haha, no endorsement deals for them! 

  2. nitrosportman says:

    hahahaha my android …
    hahahaha my android died and my iphone is slow WTH

  3. soulxside says:

    That’s great if you …
    That’s great if you like CPK and Baja Fresh. Why would you need to have an app to pre-order Subway? It’s already fast food. Not fast enough? They cook nothing there. Downloaded App – live in the city – were only like 3 or 4 different restaurant chains – several useless locations. Potential, but not ready yet.

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