Vertu $6,000 Smartphone, Joe Beef Cookbook, Hotel Bel Air Reopens

restaurant on smartphone In the pilot of AskMen Aspire, the show about fine living and the world of men, we look at the World’s most expensive smartphone, the reopening of California’s most prestigious hotel, and the launch of a World renowned cookbook.

Duration : 0:3:51

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14 Responses to “Vertu $6,000 Smartphone, Joe Beef Cookbook, Hotel Bel Air Reopens”

  1. TheCHANTAL72 says:

    Love this! That …
    Love this! That Phil guy Rocks!!!!

  2. tuxproductionsmtl says:

    This Guy is PRIMO!! …
    This Guy is PRIMO!!! Tux Productions Approved!! Keep Aspire coming!  PS: PLEASE do NOT replace with Vin Diesel, Thank you!

  3. patriziomullini says:

    Guys love to ” …
    Guys love to “aspire” to drive the fanciest cars, acquire the latest gizmos, eat well, and get primo chicks. Great idea!

  4. swifty62k says:

    Very cool. Host …
    Very cool. Host wasn’t obtrusive, and did a great job. (I ALWAYS hate the hosts on these things, but this guy is good!)

    Vertu was cool – Subscribing.

  5. Renaissancemn says:

    This is dumb. …
    This is dumb. Starting with the title. “Aspire”? I feel im being sold something here. I’ve got nothing against this kind of lifestyle, but I guess it does target a very specific audience… The question is; Who, and why would they NEED this stuff?

  6. marineninga says:

    @PenCrisis You’d be …
    @PenCrisis You’d be surprised how many “rich people” there are on the internet. Askmen are not stupid, they’ve kept constant updates on their website on the fine living sections eg watch snob and top 10 fashion. If the category was ever going to fail it would fail on their website first and this series would not of been made. Besides askmen is about helping all kinds of men, rich or poor.

  7. b3rkut says:

    Please get rid of …
    Please get rid of this presenter, get someone a bit more manly. Vin Diesel maybe…?

  8. GearsDemon says:

    Let me just fly my …
    Let me just fly my jet over to that hotel right now…

  9. pedra12 says:

    I think this show …
    I think this show is a good change up to the Daily Brief. I hope there are more to come.

  10. diablocainfilms says:

    I love this series, …
    I love this series, though I have to agree it is on the “trendsetting high end side”. It’s well developed and gets to the point quickly. Looking forward to the next show!

  11. Hossified says:

    Not bad. Though it …
    Not bad. Though it is about stuff only rich people can afford, I bet it will feature some interesting things.

  12. M4TTROBOT says:

    Interesting new …
    Interesting new show. As long as I continue to receive my “Daily Briefs,” I’ll be just fine.

  13. Q3hero says:

    @PenCrisis It’s …
    @PenCrisis It’s all good to watch :)

  14. PenCrisis says:

    So, this is a show …
    So, this is a show about stuff only rich people can afford…? Sounds like the show is gonna fail because its targeting such a small audience. At least there’s still chloe and rebecca. :D

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