Windows Phone Challenge: Which smartphone is simply faster at search?

restaurant on smartphone We offered fans $100 if their smartphones are faster at everyday things, like searching for a restaurant and getting directions.

See who gets smoked by Windows Phone next.

Duration : 0:2:8

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25 Responses to “Windows Phone Challenge: Which smartphone is simply faster at search?”

  1. Frank Oliveira says:

    the user iterface …
    the user iterface is amazing however wp7 market place is a load of crap: do a challenge on that and show people how 75% of what you call apps are useless publicity stunts and games are childish with low quality standards. while u r at it tell people how you wont give native code to wp7 users closing the doors to further app development for the platform,therefore instantly killing it. Wait a minute you did it again you smoked all other manufacturers on how fast you make phones obsolete… go wp

  2. radbirdy says:

    I wonder if Ben’s …
    I wonder if Ben’s friends (of the Microsoft employee) get sick of him spamming like 20 different random restaurant locations to them in a day.

  3. andru7 says:

    erm… he actually …
    erm… he actually does have a point.

  4. andru7 says:

    id rather eat shit …
    id rather eat shit than own a windows phone. ANDROID!

  5. qwrasw says:

    Windows Phones …
    Windows Phones don’t lose their performance. Nor iPhones, I believe.

  6. MikeG506 says:

    The windows phone …
    The windows phone employee has to have a pre-prepared list of “4 star restaurants nearby.”

  7. i0hate0this0place says:

    lol idiots, go to …
    lol idiots, go to google maps app and search from there.

  8. PMBarbershopper says:

    Problem: IT DIDN’T.
    Problem: IT DIDN’T.

  9. aleantonacci says:

    I really don’t …
    I really don’t understand this WAR between smartphone Operative Systems. I mean,competition is natural in this field but I think everybody has the right to choice the smartphone he wants…it’s just a question of preference. I prefer apple,but I don’t laugh at those one who have Android or Windows Phone…


    The 4s would win …
    The 4s would win this

  11. LG141602 says:

    are they at …
    are they at mission viejo?

  12. subairpattekkal says:


  13. PutsPeopleFirst says:

    software baby…. …
    software baby…. software….

  14. jacko2222222 says:

    just listen to how …
    just listen to how silly you just sounded.

  15. acematrix00 says:

    awesome !!! windows …
    awesome !!! windows phone rocks !!! S2 : sorry bt u suck !!!

  16. gaianero15 says:

    w8 till an asian …
    w8 till an asian android user comes along .

  17. bogyserver says:

    The comparison is …
    The comparison is NOT FAIR…
    they use a clean winphone vs a used otherphone.. To make the contests fair the other people should just reset their phones back to factory settings .. see if their phones are still so slow ..

  18. adrian3928 says:

    There are custom …
    There are custom ringtones, well you can input your own one that is, make sure it is 40 seconds and below and the genre is set to “Ringtone”, then sync to your phone from Zune.

  19. MrSelfishBastard says:

    Ban teach us, how …
    Ban teach us, how to use our WPs :D

  20. freeriod01 says:


  21. TheFryingPan16 says:

    HTC One X vs HTC …
    HTC One X vs HTC Titan 2 for taking a picture. I wanna see that.

  22. kenlee93 says:

    I have a Windows …
    I have a Windows phone and I like it, The only feature it doesn’t have that I know everyone would like is the Custom RingTones. There’s still some bugs but I know it’ll only get BETTER! :D

  23. hassanselim0 says:

    well this shows …
    well this shows that WP7 is designed to be better in everyday use cases, in cases where you would need a 3rd party app if you have an Android or an iPhone.
    and that’s one of the things I like about WP7, when I got my phone I already was able to do a lot of things without needing to install apps, things that would require apps on Android and iPhone.

  24. Exxxss says:

    Windows Phone …
    Windows Phone smoked an iPhone 4S used by an Asian. ’nuff said.

  25. chagaidromi1 says:

    even if this device …
    even if this device is faster this can not justify a company does not accept overall market interest , take a simple example – why one can’t buy a PC without Microsoft OS – even he/she would like to use Linux OS or anything else !
    This is most probably why the Win-phone is not selling much , people prefer market competition and they know what will happen if Microsoft is part of the game.

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