Zomato on the BlackBerry Smartphone and PlayBook

restaurant on smartphone Download the Zomato BlackBerry PlayBook App here — http://bit.ly/ZomPB1 and the Zomato BlackBerry Smartphone App here — http://bit.ly/ZoMb1b

Meet the team behind the Zomato BlackBerry App!

From the corner takeaway to the swankiest restaurants in town, the Zomato BlackBerry app provides foodies with all the info that they need, as their appetite calls.

Including restaurant cuisines, menus, reviews, ratings, contacts and more, watch the video to know more on how the developers at Zomato.com use the BlackBerry platform to better guide every palate.

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    at 1:36 why is he …
    at 1:36 why is he mad O_o ?

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    chadde…chaa gaya …
    chadde…chaa gaya tu…

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