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Xperia™ miro – Close Up

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

food on your phone Made to show off what’s on

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Find out who’s doing what and where in a flash. The sleek, slim Xperia™ miro flashes blue for your Facebook™ alerts, and in your favourite theme colour for calls and alarms. Music your food of love? Chill out to soft sounds, or let the hip hop scream out. Stuck for songs? There’s millions on Music Unlimited. Feeling creative? Snap scenes, or video the party action and post it all with a quick press. You and your new phone with the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich, sharp, smart and social.

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Food Face App – Billion Dollar Ideas

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

food on your phone Facebook:


Narrator: You want all your meals to look great on Facebook – but they also have to be delicious, low in calories and not leave you with an like the Japanese flag.
Finding that balance is hard – but it just got a whole lot easier – with the “Food-Face App” for your phone.
When you see food you want to eat take a picture of it, and let the food-face app do the work for you.

App User:
Okay, this pizza is very delicious but it’s also very high in calories and when I go to the toilet – Extreme Pain.
Side Effects – Impotence, Unemployment and – well, I don’t want that…
How about Spaghetti?
Delicious of course, Pretty high in Calories, I can deal with that, “Immediate Sleep” no I’ve gotta babysit my sister’s kids…
Let’s try Suicide Wings for fun…
Delicious, Fat, What about the ass? “Chance of Blood”? Oh dear Lord, Side Effects – Hemorrhoids and Death….Hmmmm that’s more of a Saturday Food.
What about something Ethnic like Korean?
Pretty Delicious, Low in Calories (Voice Rising) What? Peeing out your bum! Side Effects – Shart! Oh God…

Narrator: The Food Face App “Let’s you know the score, B4, you put food in your face”

App User:Maybe a Chicken Caesar?
Pretty Tasty, Low in Calories, Nice! we have a winner! 24 Hours of Garlic Breath?! F*ck it, I’m eatin’ it.

Narrator: The Food Face App – Because it’s fun to Share Your food!

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