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Montel Williams – Living Well My HealthMaster Elite

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

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Living Well HealthMaster Elite

Once appliance is all you need for countless nutritional courses with this kitchen appliance breakthough. Now, the kitchen appliance breakthrough gets even better with extra features. The HealthMaster Elite still allows you to make countless nutritious hot or cold meals for your whole family. But it now features an updated design including a BPA-free pitcher and modified digital controls. The HealthMaster Elite also has two additional upward serrated blades, which help bring the food down to the blades to emulsify more efficiently.

Still designed with safety in mind, the HealthMaster Elite has secure and easy safety switches that prevent it from turning on unless properly assembled. The centrifugal friction still cooks food naturally and retain the nutrients, vitamins and flavor of every ingredients.

Get complete recipes with the 100 FREE Garden Fresh Recipe Collection. And keep updating your collection with the continuity program. You can receive up to 30 recipes a month to add to your HealthMaster Elite recipes. Nutrition, flavor, and meals for your entire family are possible with the Living Well HealthMaster Elite.

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